How to get over a girl?

I fell pretty hard for this girl at work, its not gonna work out and I really need to get over her but every time I see her at work we will still talk and its like I can't get over her. Its been two weeks and its really been messing up my life because I can't stop thinking about her and we work in really close proximity. What can I do to get back to normal or is there anything i can do


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  • Don't know about you, but It always helps me to find other girls to have sex (not prostitutes! that would probably make you feel worse), but of course, keeping it strictly physical and being clear about that.

    You should try to stop talking to this girl, avoid her if possible, maybe even tell her that you want more space?

    Anyways, go out, have fun and have sex!


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  • How to get over a girl?
    By dating another girl.

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