He led me on, but how do I leave now?

I was so convinced that he liked me. We do everything together. He compliments me. Anyways, everyone was pretty sure he had feelings for me. But now he's apparently going out with another girl, and guess what he didn't tell me. He acts the exact same though. He said he loves me as a best friend--he didn't say that to me, it's a long story but he didn't want me to know that he said that. I've never liked someone as much as I like him. I can't think straight. I can't leave him though. We're such good friends. My life revolves around his. I've met his whole family, and he has met mine. I've gone To his family barbecues. I haven't even seen him with this new girl, but I'm scared to see it happen. I don't think I'll be able to handle. How do I just leave that?


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  • he might be trying to make you jealous... or he might just like having a girl best friend to talk to about other problems with girls. sometimes guys can be best friends. i have 3 different guys who are my best friends, and niether of them like me and they all have other girlfriends, which i am "perfectly fine" with... give it time, maybe he will see his error and choose you!! <3

    • I don't want to just be friends. It's just he never told me he liked her. He talked about her maybe two times tops, and we hang out all the time. It was all so unexpected. Once he told me that she asked him out for dinner, and so he asked me to hang out also. So I thought, there must be nothing, I was always his best friend on snapchat, and then I noticed it started being her. I'm just so frustrated. He hasn't even told me that they are going out. I just heard about it from a couple of my friends. He has been acting the exact same. I wonder if he's hid other girls too.

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    • Maybe but I could be stuck on the maybe for years! :(

    • if you do not show that you are jealous, and he breaks up with his girlfriend then he does like you... just act like you are his best friend... and become friends with the girl he's dating... if he sees that you don't mind he might break up with her and go to you... once he breaks up with her take the first step ask him if he might want to hang out or something like that and subtlety show him that you like him... best friends that are boy and girl normally turn into relationships... give it time...

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  • move on, walk out the door, change friends, move, get a new job, witness protection program

    • lol but there is no door. He's my closest friend. I felt like I could talk to him about everything. We ALWAYS hang out, and so it'll just be extremely awkward if I just stop talking to him. He doesn't even know that I know. He doesn't know that I'm angry. He doesn't know that I'm heartbroken. I only found out about their relationship from our mutual friends.