I have a school dance I am FORCED TO GO TO?

I have this dance coming up that I am forced to go to (its mandatory by the school). It's a semiformal dance, and most girls have to ask guys to go. I really don't want to go because I don't have a date. I really don't want to go and see everyone with a date and feel awkward. I also don't want to go with an awkward date. Any ideas on what I can do?


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  • I cannot tell you how many "mandatory" bullshit things I've skipped, and nothing happened. Do whatever you want.

  • Become an anarchist and fight the power and rebel! :P

    I can only suggest to find a guy, vocalize your complaints and ask if he can be your fake date for the prom. Who knows, perhaps you can make it a real one if you like him enough.


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