How to show affection?

So recently my boyfriend has called me out, he told me that I need to be more comfortable around him. I am, but I just dont know how to show it. I try my hardest to be affectionate, but I'm obviously not doing very well. Any tips?


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  • Gently stroke/rub his arms and back when you're with him. Run your hands through his hair. Graze your thigh against his. Massages work well, too. :) Try giving him light kisses in public and then more passionate ones when you're alone (if you're comfortable with that).

    Basically, just watch what he does to show his affection for you (does he compliment you/stroke your hair/rub your back?) and reciprocate by doing the same things to him. Good luck!


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  • you can try hugging or cuddling while sitting together perhaps while watching movies. smiling when you see him is good.

    this may be a bit off toppic: responding to him with more than single words or short responses could go a long way in showing him you pay attention to who he is and that he's more than a "face book" friend. (I don't know how younger people talk offline)


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  • By affection what do you mean? Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If you don't like something say like PDA then tell him and he should accept that.

    • No, I like him. I'm 16 turning 17 in less than two months. We hold hands & kiss, thats no problem. It seems like thats all we do though, there's nothing more inbetween. We've been together for two months. We kiss and stuff, but he thinks I don't like him because I don't show him any affection until it comes time for him to leave. I can tell he's unsure because of my actions. I can also tell its hurting him that I'm not more loving toward him, and it's hurting me knowing he's hurting. I like him, I'm just unsure on how to show it to him through the little things & gestures & such.