Would you forgive me?

i have this ex boyfriend and I went to his 18th birthday party. And all these girls were there hanging off him dangling him in front of me. so I drank and drank until I got trashed and hooked up with this random guy there. the Ex got psycho at me and him for doing it as he still liked me. but he is disgusted that I had no respect for him for doing what I did. I said I was sorry but apparently it wasn't good enough. I tried to explain to him the situation but no. now he hates me and he won't talk to me. I feel so guilty.

would you forgive me ?


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  • Oh hunnie stop beating yourself up over this. First of all like you said he was your EX. Second of all has he been completly going without sex since you guys broke up? Third he had women hanging all over him in front of you was that showing you respect? NO! Fourth where was he when you were getting trashed? Look I'm no expert but I'm a little older and I've been around the block a few times and when I was your age I would be doing exactly what your doing, feeling like lower than low. Bottom line you told him you were sorry and you told him the truth about what happend and why so what more can you do. If he truly loves you he would forgive you. But if I were you I would stop appologizing like NOW! Your human and you made a mistake! Its also been my experience that guys usually want what they can't have which is why when you slept with someone else he flipped out. Now that ur begging for forgiveness he has you right where he wants you hanging of his coat tails, feeling like crap and all the while he's doing what ever the hell he wants. Trust me the second he thinks you don't care anymore he'll come crawling back. He may be a jerk at first but once he sees a beautiful confident young women you'll seem more attractive then ever. Stay strong hunnie I know its hard.


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  • o yeah when you look like you do yes I would



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