Guys, have you ever felt a girl didn't even try to look good on a first date?

I went on a date with a girl and all she was wearing was a hoodie. Also, I could tell she didn't have makeup on. I know she was out shopping, before our date cause I had to wait for her to finish up. I feel like the doesn't really even like me when they don't try to look their best. Although we were just meeting for coffee, I'd think she could have at least wore something better than a hoodie. I mean I had a nice collard shirt on and had my hair cut and looking good. Girls and guys what do you think?


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  • As a girl who literally just started wearing makeup a couple days ago (I'm 21) I'm not surprised at all lol

    You now know what she looks like naturally. So you don't have to take her swimming on a date lmao

    Some people don't feel like putting in the time to look good for others. She presented herself to you as is. Why hide who she is as a person? That's her style. You either like it or you don't. Take it or leave it.


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  • Maybe she felt comfortable enough around you to not have to try. She was just shopping and it was only coffee. I think you may be over analyzing a bit.

  • hahaha! its a good test! a smart woman does that to test you to see if you will stick around and fall in love with her personality. not her looks. only desperate women overdress! truth.

    im gonna dress like shit on my next date too! xD

    • lol. Honestly it takes more than one date for me to make up my mind of what I think about a girl. My thinking is you would think she would try and look her best on a first date, so if she starts off just average looking it will only go down from there. haha. Just my thinking though.

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