I'm a quiet guy and I got rejected by my crush before?

I'm usually quiet , a bit shy too. I dont talk much. Especially when I'm with my crush and some other guys. The reason why is because these guys are generally smarter so when i try to speak , i feel like i will end up sounding dumb instead, so i usually just keep quiet , sometimes i do speak up but i dont think thats enough. Another reason is , i can't think of something funny to say , when I'm with my own group of friends , i'm funny because im being random and weird , like i'll say anything that comes up to my mind and sometimes my friends laugh , she'll find me weird if i do that.

I have texted her and talked to her quite a lot of times , I'm more open when we're texting. And at one point of time , i really thought she might like me , so i went and confess to her via text message (i know , dumb move and i shouldn't even confess via text message) and i got rejected. After i confessed we still talked like we used to but i feel like now that she know that i like her , things aren't gonna be the same. She'll have that mindset everytime i do something. I know most people would suggest to move on but i just can't , read on to know why.

Honestly , i felt something about her even before i develop feelings for her , i just felt like she's "the one". All my previous crush , i didn't have this feeling. There is just this "something" about her. Is this fate or is this just me overthinking, i swear i have this feeling before i even get to know her.

I really need advice on how i can open up more and how to be less shy. I know i just have to be myself but it's really hard because im afraid of being judged , so afraid that im even somewhat sensitive to being judged. How can i let go of this fear of being judged? And do girls like or hate shy guys? How can i make her change her mind and like me?


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  • Look, learn how to express yourself. If you can be who you are with your friends, if you can say anything that comes to your mind, that means you are being yourself and you're having fun. Don't think about what other people will think about you. Because let's face it, not everyone will like you. The right people though, will like you for who you are. If people don't like you because of what you say, then it's their problem, it's not a reason for you to just shut up because they won't like the things you say. Same goes with the girl you like, try to loosen up, be yourself, don't be afraid to say the things on your mind. If she'll like you for it, then good. If not, it's ok. There are other girls who will appreciate you. If you will remain quiet, she won't like you either because she'll think you are boring, unexpressive and distant. Just remember this: Better to be hated for who you are than to be liked for who you are not. I know it would take some time to build the confidence you need to express yourself. Just keep working on it and good luck. Just remove all the fears on your mind that people won't like you for what you say. If you know you're not doing/saying anything wrong, then it's fine.


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  • Listen, I must commend you for doing what you did... the confession and all that. It may have been better to try and date the girl first then do a confession. If she rejected the date, then you would know she would reject the confession most likely. In any case you did better than the majority of G@G pussies here that have balls the size of 2 green peas..

    Lots of books you can read to work on shyness...


    Same with dating...


    I'd recommend you move on to some more fertile ground. You got the answer from this gal. But if you must continue with her, just keep at her. Try to date her and re-confess if you think things are moving in your favor.

    If you do invite your crush out on a date... be specific with choices A, B or C. Don't leave it open ended like 'Hey, lets hang out sometimes'... or it prob won't happen.


    Good luck!