She didn't text me on Thanksgiving?

So this girl I like will usually text me daily, I admit I was waiting for her to text me on Thanksgiving, she didn't so I was a little bummed about that, she texts me this mourning that was basically her just saying whats up, I did not text her back right away, she sent me another text like "i know you got this other text, can you answer me" Im just wondering whats up is she mad, did she expect me to text her yesterday, does she not care?


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  • Yeah, the whole holiday thing is very time consuming and honestly she probably never even thought of it. Not that she doesn't care, just that she had other priorities that day.

    She texted you today, the worst thing you can do is throw a tantrum over yesterday. Answer her and do NOT bring up yesterday at all.


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  • In all honesty you could have texted her instead of waiting. So next time that happens just send her a text instead of waiting. But yes she was probably busy with family and didn't wanna be the person on her phone when she should be talking. They worst thing you can do is be whiney about it.

  • She was probably just busy with her family.


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  • You're mad she didn't text you when you didn't text her either?

    Whatever. She's probably busy with her family, half asleep from too much turkey!

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