He says he wants to be together, but I can't tell?

I recently starting seeing an ex (from when we were teenagers and are completely different people now so the reasoning that he is an ex for a reason doesn't apply). When we are together alone he is the most caring sensitive man I have ever been around. He jokes around about us moving in and I've told him I'm not opposed once we see how things work out and to prove I am open to the idea told him he can leave his toothbrush and other personal items for sleepovers. In other words we are moving things in a more permanent kind of way at least I thought.
However we went out for our first "real" date (as in actual date activities vs just dinner or hanging out) recently and he wouldn't touch me in any way in public and was in a rather foul mood (though he said it was due to his 11 hour day at work and he had already cancelled once and did not want to reschedule on me again). It's been three days and I have yet to hear from him at all. Now I know it's the holidays and he works retail so that may be why. But I really can't tell if I should even give this much of a go.

I should also mention that he is always trying to get me to admit how into everything I am, but I can't tell him until I know how he feels.


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  • The best way to know would be to ask him his feelings. You can also watch his actions because actions never lie

    • As I said his actions are conflicting

    • Then I would think he flip flops on how he feels about you

  • You've already started why stop? He shouldn't "tell you to admit anything" He's in the same place as you he wants you to tell him because he's not sure about this himself until he knows how you feel. There's a reason for his behavior ask him. If he seems defensive, then don't push him. And he shouldn't push you.

    • That's actually a pretty solid reply. Though it would be nice if I had some reassurance on his side. But I suppose when you are both horribly afraid of getting hurt that's what you get.

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