How To Not Be Nervous Today?

I have a double date today with my friend, his girlfriend and a friend of hers on a double date. We re going bowling. What are some ways I can be confident tomorrow on this date. Me and the girl have been texting since Tuesday but I will be meeting up with her at a cafe shop before we all go bowling.


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  • Well number one... grow some balls!

    You could not ask for a easier going date. Your doubling with another couple. Your going to be busy do something fun. I mean, are you trying to set a new record for the biggest G@G pussy title? OK, maybe you don't bowl well, but I can't help that. This is a low stress dream date for a pussy like you.

    When you meet your date grab her hand gently, not like your having rough sex with her, and tell her how excited you are to be on the date with her. Smile, look into her eye and be genuine. Hide all your pussyness or she will de disgusted.

    When the date is over do the same, give her a little hug and maybe give her peck on the cheek and ask her is she had a good time and would like to see you again. Follow up very soon to set up date # 2 if you like her. Don't play 'when to call or text G@G poll bullshit.'

    Do you understand any of this? I mean really... is a double date going bowling that mf'ing hard?


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