Seeing a girl for the last couple of months?

We have been out on many dates, text everyday including goodnight every night for the last month or so. She seems like a very shy person and an introvert. We have kissed, held hands but after talking with her again recently she said she wanted to get to know me better and wanted to spend more time together but couldn't tell me if she liked me romantically or not. I really feel like she is playing games. I have made it clear I like her. She even said something similar back to me about liking me and expressed that I was the only person she was seeing. Does this seem normal to you? I thought that after spending this much time together in person, talking, and texting that the other person should know if they are interested in them instead of continuing to go on dates with the other person.

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My gut was right. She was playing games. Thanks for the advice.


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  • After two months you should be able to tell if you're interested in someone or not. Do you know anything about her relationship history? Maybe she's been hurt before and is afraid to let someone in. She did say that she wants to see you more, which is a good thing at least. Don't give up just yet, but maybe talk to her about this and ask why she's unsure. Good luck! :)

    • All I know about her relationship history is that she was friends with the guys she dated or was in a relationship with for a while before it turned romantic. We met online if that makes a difference.

    • So maybe she's just used to taking things very slow? Sometimes deeper feelings take a while. But if you really like this girl and don't want to be hurt the best thing might be to take a step back. But ask her why she said she had feelings and then got unsure. I don't think that makes any difference :)

    • She told me that she moves really slow. From what I know about her I like her. She is busy and makes time to see me but it is really confusing when she says she likes me we act like a couple when we are together. Yet she said she hasn't figured out if she sees me as a romantic interest after this time but wants to spend more time with me. I mean I wouldn't hold hands or kiss someone that I wasn't romantically attracted to. I would love to take a step back but I am unsure how to do that. Do you have any suggestions?

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  • She's just shy and you need to be more patient with her

    • I have never dated someone who is shy/an introvert before and it has been quite the adjustment for me. What do you think about her asking in the middle of one of our dates if we could meet on of her girlfriends and her fiance for dinner if I didn't have anything else planned that night?

  • Seems like she is not after you romantically and her making it clear you are the only one she is seeing would make me think. she is keeping her options open seeing means not committing anything to you.

    • After talking with her the last couple of days I started thinking exactly what you wrote as your answer. That just validates my thoughts and feelings.

    • Although I still see my x and i say seeing because we have not stated its anything else so im just happy we are on better terms but that is my situation. Hope you get on ok

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  • Yeah, when you get mixed signals it's usually not a good sign as much as you probably don't want to hear that.

    Thread carefully and good luck, guy.

  • thats a long time to go for just a kiss.

    • I had to wait until the third date but we met online if that makes a difference.

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