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So long story is.. started dated this guy. Been together now 2 month. Basically, i started to notice that sometimes when texting he misses some questions i ask so i need to re ask same again.. once i remember i asked same question twice.. like general nothing to complicated. he didn't answer and started talking about random work, weather stuff.. when i jokingly brought this in-he said:stop counting and smiled.

another thing is changing the subject by replying. so i would text him at 2 pm asking something or just general stuff he replies later with completely random stuff. And i find myself hard to communicate sometimes and annoyed.

also i dont know if guys do that as i can't remember my ex did it. sometimes when we go somewhere like shop etc. he tried to start talking and chat up with like a girl shop sales assistant. going lets say caffe and he would enter the place and go hi you are all right, how are you to a random reception girl?

so i just wonder do all guys show interest and start talking to random's or its normal. obviously to me you can say hi etc and that's it to the person you don't know etc.


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  • He thinks you're overthinking it, just let it flow.

    Yes, I always try to be polite and friendly to people working in shops and restaurants. I know from experience that is absolutely not the case in the UK so I'm not surprised you find it strange - but good for him, treating them like human beings.

    • hey he doesn't know.. its just something i noticed. he also says i would rather be with you then someone else or club... don't know how to think about that?

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    • no English its not. haaa i see. what do think if you arrange to do something and guy knows about it, however went with work for a drink and then says we can meet a bit later, no rush? is it good or bad?

    • That's disrespectful to have a previous arrangement with you and slope off to go drinking, making him late.

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