Guys with less female friends?

i love that he doesn't have a lot of female friends. He used to have so many but he got caught up with uni and now he says he talks to them every once in a while. Its only me that he talks to on daily basis. But at the same time im concerend that all our late night chats and flirting are just to fill his "female missing gap".. Im stupid to say so?


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  • So let me get this straight: You're happy you don't have to be jealous but worried that you are actually being used because there is no competition?

    Life man. It fucks with me so badly.

    • No need for your sarcasm! but a lot of girls are used because of that reason!

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    • If i didn't want him more than a friend, i wouldn't have gave him back the same attention! Like i never say i love him back i go like okay because i know its too much! But im always there for him! I do flirt back and we text 24/7. That makes me always available, doesn't it? But still i don't deserve to be used! (If thats what he is doing)

    • No one is using you. Your lack of faith in others is stifling.

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  • yes you are over thinking it
    stop worrying, he is inteested in you


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