How can I spend time with him?

I haven't exactly told my parents or family besides my sister about seeing this guy Because i want to know if i actually like him enough yet. and I don't know how to spend time with him. He's a little older than me and he works a lot and I'm at school but we dont have time to be alone really! so how do I fix this? We were arguing about this..


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  • Call/text him whenever you're free. He should get back to you, and you two will have times when your free times overlap.

    Maybe then figure out when you two are both consistently free and set up a date/get-together then.


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  • What is the age gap?

    • I'm 17 he will be 22

    • ya... Well good luck. I know my parents would never allow that. And if anyone my parents knew saw us together they would tell them... I know from experience many times over small stupid stuff. I really have no advice because anything I have ever tried to keep from my parents they eventually found out.

    • I'm not trying to keep them out I just dont know if we're serious enough to even let it be acknowledged

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