Third date or a no-no?

I was with this girl on the first date and it went awesome. Wrote her that I really enjoyed it a day after, she replied that it was awesome and we should do it again Asked for the second date and met her. She was really excited about it. So I met her, it was really cold went to grab a bite. We dined, went for a walk, she froze like really bad (-10 celsius), I felt bad for myself. So we found a coffee place sat, there, listening to music. She was talking and smiling. But not the whole time. There were awkward pauses, she was blushing, looking sideways, then straight in the eye during the moments of silence, was leaning in. She was really tired from much studying I know that because in our field there's really no time for student life although we really want it. Plus she had cold.
Took her to bus stop, asked her if she wants to do this again -she said why not. Went for the kiss, she gave me the cheek & kissed me on the cheek too. We hugged, then parted. Although it's a progress from just a hug at the end of the first date. And during the first date she was looking straight into the eye for prolonged period of time and seemed confident.

Is she shy? Bored? Not interested? Falling in love? I'm confused..

On top of that she asked if i'm going for chrismas dance fest. Guess you're right :D Although I cannot dance so I have to think of something quick. Any ideas?


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  • I think she likes you, she's been on two dates with you and said she's enjoyed them so that there tells u that she is interested. If she hadn't gone on the dates with u then she wouldn't be interested. Sounds like you two have good chemistry. Those prolonged awkward pauses just sound like to me that she didn't know what to say and she proably was nervous and a little shy, which is understandable cuz she is still getting to know you. The long pause after you guys said good night, sounded like to me that she wanted you to kiss her. Im not 100% sure that was the case but it sure sounded like it. :) To answer your question she likes you and since it was the 1st few dates she was just a little shy cuz she is still getting to know u. :)

    • The thing is that I went for a kiss. But it became that we kissed each other on the cheek. Not that I was expecting but still good enough I guess.

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    • Oh, yeah she also casually asked do I have any plans on Monday...

    • See soumds like she wants to go out with u again. ;) Are u still worried if she likes you or not?

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