Is it weird that I only loved someone online?

I only fell in love once and it was with a girl online we were addicted calling each other every single day especially before going to sleep , i couldnt have this connection with any other girl even the girls i meet in reality and i feel so alone and i miss her , we met ince only , but we broke up i felt like she wasn't seriouse with me , then we talked again and i lied and told her that i never loved her because i didn't want to love her again but i miss her and i dint know what to do she keep reading my wahtsapp messages but she is so distant lately i dont know she acted like she missed me too when we first talked , but lately she act distant and i want her to be close again , is it because what i said?


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  • Was it really love or an infatuation or the idea of being in love? Can you two still be friends and just message each other? Personally I don't think I could truly fall in love with someone until I had been with him in person over a period of time. Consider maybe she was filling a void that you are experiencing in life right now. I would assume if you told her you didn't really mean it when you said you love her then yes it I would imagine that is the reason. Hope everything works out for you :)

    • I think u r right its not love

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