When does this become a make or break problem?

He smokes pot, a lot. Multiple times a day. It's decriminalized here. I smoke maybe once every other week. He does it alone most of the time. I do it socially if I feel like it.

I'm not anti pot, but it seems obsessive and addictive for him personally. I live with him. I asked him if he would quit for a month for me. Mostly because when I have kids I don't want it around at all, we've been together two years, and living together so I want to know he's able to stop. He said he would.

The next day he had a friend over, and they smoked. He told me, so I want mad because at least he didn't lie. Then he said starting tomorrow he would. He didn't smoke that day. Next day he had a really bad day so he smoked. Basically he doesn't even feel bad anymore he just does it. But we were at my parents the last few days so he didn't smoke. I asked him about a week ago to stop. But right now he is down to once a day.

When he got home he said he was going to pack a bowl because it was a long trip. I reminded him it bothers me and went to shower. I was hoping he'd change his mind, but he did smoke.

How should I handle this?
I don't want him to just hide his smoking from me. And I don't want to hide his pot because I want him to need to choose not to. It may work better when I see what he does when he runs out.


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  • When people get to a certain age it becomes pathetic to smoke that much.

    • What age? I only smoked for the first time maybe a year ago. (Like drinking, less calories). He's 25, I'm 24.

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    • You also didn't really answer the question... Joe should I feel with this and when should I just give up and end it? I care about him, but I don't want to risk this being something normally in my life.

    • Talk to him and tell him this. You need to be happy in a relationship and you need to like your future.

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