Am I being a brat/spoiled/needy?

I've been dating the guy I'm with now for four months. We've known each other for ten years and have been best friends since we met. So when he asked me to move in, I did. I cook, clean, do the laundry and when he gets home from work I log off of the xbox (I love my game time.) so he can play if he feels like it. Just ever since I moved in I feel like I actually see him less than before we were dating. He games and I just sit alone in the bedroom crocheting or watching movies. After two months of sitting in the living room watching him game and him not talking to me that is. We go out once every few weeks to see a movie, but I hate theaters and he knows it. We don't cuddle on the couch and he sits in his chair and I sit on the couch if and when we watch movies. We don't really cuddle in bed and after intimate moments we both go our separate ways. (That last part is just how we are though, but I am thinking it does add to the situation.) I've been reading his favorite books and power watching his favorite shows just for something to talk about. Am I just being bratty/needy and over reading into the situation or am I at least little valid? Both are quite possible since I'm bi-polar but I'm still feeling paranoid and I can't help it. Any advice or comments? Anything! I'm a little desperate here.


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