Long distance dating advice?

I was dating someone that lived 3 hours away for about 3 months. He ended things before he came to see me one weekend and then called the next day and said he made a big mistake. He came up to see me that weekend and everything was great and even made is exclusive. The day after he went home he said he was confused about us and that he got home and it just sank in how far we lived from each other. So ultimately, I ended it but it might as well have been him ending it. He is in town this weekend and we made out and he stayed over (we haven't had sex yet) Should I ask him how he is feeling about us or just enjoy the weekend?


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  • I would say ask him what he really wants but from what you're saying, he doesn't know or won't be honest about it. My bet is he likes the sex. He needs to be clear about his intentions, you deserve that.

    • Well, we didn't have sex yet. We did other stuff but not sex

    • He's still in town. You don't think he is thinking he is still going to get some? I'm not saying sex is wrong (you may want it too). I'm just saying he owes it to you to be honest about what he wants and more importantly what type of relationship he sees you and him in

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