Should I call it quits with this guy?

There is this guy I've been talking to since the beginning of October. We mutually agreed that we were dating now. We've been on a date, but mostly hung out because of our schedules. We talked a lot in the beginning. It slowed down some when his account was launched at work. So the hours started picking up a lot and he was doing a lot of over time.

So I understand completely that he's going to be tired and isn't going to be able to talk to me as much as before. He promised to try to make time for me. It's not working out that much. I barely hear from anymore, even when he's off. Maybe like 2-5 texts a day. If I don't message him first, I won't hear from him for almost a whole day. Today, he made that same promise to me. I'm just kinda like whatever, because I'm started to feel like he's only talking to me to occupy his time. My friend said to give him a change, but I'm just tired of waiting.


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  • Two to five texts a day is barely hearing from him and he is working long hours? Hmm... That doesn't seem unreasonable to me. However, if you want to be in a committed relationship and he doesn't have the time for one, that's all together different. Maybe you should talk to him about what you are looking for (e. g. At least One date every xxx, and talk on the phone yy times a zzz, or whatever makes sense to you). Just be clear about what you want.

    • Days that he is working, I can understand. Even on some of his off days, but he just took 4 days off and I still haven't really heard from him. I try to talk to on the phone or even just video chat ( despite us only living 30 minutes away), but he won't. The only time we hang out now, is at night. I've been quite obvious about how I feel about him, and that I want to be in a relationship.

      It even said so on my dating profile, ( by the way, that's not how we first met). We've already somewhat had a little conversation about this. I told him how I don't expect him to talk to me all day, every day. However, I feel like I'm kinda bothering him, for messaging him. I wasn't able to tell if he was interested in me or not.

      I'm not going to lie, I do have a habit over analyzing things. With that being said, I do often wonder if he really doesn't like me. I've never heard him say so or just really express it. Lately, I just been feeling like he just want to lay up with me, that's all.

    • Ok, that does add more perspective. Communication is key. You will have to decide what you feel is acceptable and what is not - and then stay or leave. Sorry, not a fun position to be in.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Wait it out if you like the guy- texting anyone all day is probably not his top priority... Not is it mine haha. Doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Hope it works out!

    • Well its not mine either. But it would be nice to hear from him more. And this isn't a recent I've never ng. Its been like this for a couple of weeks.

      Don't guys tell girls , they are interested in, that they like them and find them attractive? I can't recall him saying either. That's why I'm starting to question his interest, plus some other things. I don't know :/ I've been quite expressive of I feel about him.

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