Should I worry that he didn't text me after this?

Usually the guy I'm seeing acts all affectionate and says he likes me in person, last night we were texting and were talking about how much we like and want to kiss each other. then he stops texting back and he didn't text me all day.. should I be worried that I was being too flirty or whatever? :/

I'm confused because he's cooked for me, says he liked me over like 10 times and texts me everyday. I feel like I did something wrong. Should I be worried?


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  • Just text him... Maybe he meant to text you.. Maybe you didn't get it... Or maybe the mafia broke into his house and kidnapped him. Never know, better find out!


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  • If he likes u that much. Saying to him one wrong thing won't let him not like u anymore. Im pretty sure he's waiting u to text first. I did this before, if i really like a girl, i want to see if she really likes me back so there will be days that i won't text her and see if she texts me or not. It's either that or he got really busy, but i'm pretty sure its the first one. Cause even when i'm busy i'l still find time to talk with the girl i like or at least tell her im busy.

    • But the last text I sent was about how I really like kissing him. (after he said it, he was like I like you:) and i said I like you too, etc). So he should know I do..

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    • So yeah.. I should be worried right? haha

    • Fuck dating.

  • just text him. #YOLO

    • Hell nah, I'm not about to look desperate! haha

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    • That comment was hilarious. You're pretty much right on that too. I personally say 23 but hey! what's another year or two.

    • if that's all he wants to be with you, then just leave him alone. He's not worth the trouble.

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