Can I just have a kiss?

I am dating this guy, we have been going together for about 2 weeks now. We are both in highschool. He hasn't had a relationship in a long time, but i on the otherhabd have not. He well knows that i want him to kiss me. But... he won't. He keeps telling me that "its going to be bad". But he also says "i would bang you any day of the week". What should i do? (He isn't a player)


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  • grab his face and say "I don't care if it's bad. kiss me right now!"

    Honestly though he's probably just worried he's a really bad kisser compared to you. just do it anyway and say no matter what it was great.

    • Here is what gets me, i did try to kiss him. He backed away from me.

    • hmmmmmmmmmm... perhaps he's just not ready for it yet. wait a few more days or another week. keep trying. If all else fails, then confront him about it.

What Girls Said 1

  • Kiss him first:)

    • I tried to once, and he backed away from me.

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