What do girls and guys think about online dating sites? Example Okcupid?

From my experience and guys have to send view tons of profiles and sent out many messages only to get a handful back.

While from my female friends, They get swarmed with truck loads of spamy messages that have no indication of having even checking out the profiles. Like "Hi" or "your hot" or other pervy messages.

For me I try to send out semi paragraph messages about the shared hobbies to show that i have seen their profile.

I would like to hear more opinions and thoughts.
*First question on this site :p*


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  • because guys rush it, get laid fast results is what they look for who is willing to date them first, basically sent a wink to all the hot girls and see who bites. Stupid, i am much more choosy not in a shallow way, but im trying to find someone who is a compatible match.
    That is likely the difference and its awful being the girl because you have to see and figure out who is actually interested in you for a particular reason other than just part of their random poll game. I remember every guy i message, i read his whole profile i take the time to think. At least as the guy you know if she messages you she is interested in you.

    • I will say though i am an oddball in that manner, Though I am also looking for friendships as well. I will admit I don't like the tactics people use.

      Cough Girls: Fan service Luring as much guys as possible with shots that crop off parts of their hair or head to show off their boobs. Come on personality comes before looks.

      Cough Guys: Spam Sending out messages without reading profiles nearly copy and paste because either they are perverted or have sent out good messages getting worn down so they have to send more less quality messages

    • Im going to stick to the higher end dating sites ehormony and Match, the cost filters out people looking just for flings or attention. But i have noticed some guys still dont read my profile. How can we possibly know where to start. Online dating is weird that way you really know nothing about them and their life.

    • Personally I haven't heard good things about ehamony if fact the opposite. For match though I haven't heard much, If anything,

      I would say as the terms it seems that guys are forced to spam and girls are forced to filter. Perhaps we just have to endure it.

      I just aim for people who have similar hobbies as if you can't hang out with them whats the point. What irks me though as an internet person is most of the girls are super shy. Rather then the internet girls who use computers a lot I keep finding mostly girls who want to do all the irl stuff but happen to be on these sites because they are to shy to say anything outside. Compared to me who would want to meet people who i can talk to online while gaming and what not.

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  • Yup you pretty much nailed how online dating goes for most in a nutshell right there. Girls constantly get flooded with weird, creepy perverted messages and frustrated retarded guys just keep sending away their dignity tirelessly.

    I personally and humbly believe I have had more success with online dating than most. And when I say success I am speaking just on mostly superficial terms to be honest. I never aimed to really get anything meaningful from online dating, so when I say success I really just mean getting laid, ending up in some pretty weird/hilarious circumstances that make for great stories, as well as having my profile set up to where I get girls to message me.

    Yes, hard to believe but true. I get girls that actually message me on there relatively frequently. Not nearly close to as many as an attractive female would get, but a fairly decent amount I'd say.

    Ok, so I'm done bragging now I swear.. I think sending semi-paragraphs based on similar interests/content of her profile is a better idea than the usual "hey," "your hot," or other assorted creepy weird messages or dick pics or what have you. So if you are going to take the pursuer route and send the initial messages then I would say that what you are doing is not the worst idea.

    Anyways those are my thoughts/opinions on it. Good luck with it.

    • To be honest i joined the site with 2 friends as a joke at the beginning and had their thoughts at the start and every now and then i ask the perspective of others.

      I will admit I do know i am an oddball a gamer otaku and etc . So a dork of sorts but I have been told i have a good personality. The issue is getting past my oddballness at the start :p.
      *For example I don't care about sex*

      Anyways I have gotten a handful of messages first of the maybe hundreds of good messages i have sent. From those i sent first i would say i would be lucky for maybe 1-20 to respond other then a 1 word answer or a other conversation killers.

      It does seem to get my messages people like to respond and they find it refreshing but hmm. I just like to be honest and upfront of who i am. A gamer Anime fan Dork :p

      I kinda want to see what would happen If i lived streamed me responding and what not and see if i would get any viewers :-)

    • Thats good that you are upfront like that. It will save you a lot of time in dating, which is one of the better benefits of online dating.. You get to put yourself in front of a larger audience with a description of who you are for them to see if they feel compatible.

      Just because women get far more messages than men doesn't mean it is necessarily easier for them to find a suitable partner. So if your concern is just finding a suitable partner then I wouldn't worry too much about not getting many responses. The one for you is out there and she will come in time I am sure.

      If it were me I would do exactly what you are doing by having a clear description of who I am except i would set up my profile like I have mine, where it is basically on auto-pilot and I let them message me first. That way I don't worry at all about messaging women/getting responses, I just sit back and let the messages come in and if I am interested I respond. Hassle and worry free.

  • I've been trying OkCupid for a good while. No luck. >_>

  • I signed up as a female once and I feel that as a female those websites are horrible.

    • Any reason why you did that... or were you just doing to goof off?

    • I got asked to actually.