GIRLS does this matter with FWB?

I know a girl through work who said she doesn't want to date me as she's not wanting a relationship, she just wants to have sex. This is GREAT news for me as that suits me just fine, but what I'm wondering is would she change her mind once she found out I'm kind of lacking down below? i know that doesn't matter in a relationship scenario but when its nothing but sex then maybe it matters more? i don't want to have sex with her and then have her not wanting to do it again, next minute she tells her work friends who i know my size and its a disaster... i know I'm jumping to conclusions but I'm worried this will happen... on the other hand she is HOT and i really wanna bang her


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  • Just do it. Honestly, it's not size that matters. It's more of the techniques.


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  • Bro! size doesn't matter. Even when it's all about sex. she wants to have sex with you already man. once you're in you're in. Worst comes to worst she doesn't go for seconds. fuck it man. You still ended up banging her.