Why does a guy that likes a girl talks about her to his friends?

This guy I like that I know likes me shows obvious signs he likes me but is shy. Well recently I past by him and his friends on my way to get lunch. As I past him and his friends I heard him say something and then his friends started laughing. I know that he likes me because he's always looking at me when I'm nearby or at a distance. He always passes by my classes and looks inside at me. He tries to be around me often and I'm the only girl he pays attention to. He also always bear hugs me when I call him over and I'm the only one he does this to. Why would he be talking about me to his friends? Why would he make jokes about me if he likes me? Why would his friends be laughing at me?


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  • I understand where you are coming from. He obviously has some sort of attraction toward you. This is just plain male machoism and egoism. It really is quite immature of him in all fairness, but it doesn't mean he's not a great guy. Quite simply, he makes jokes about you (if he does) in order to not appear vulnerable to his friends. His friends have probably said to him "dude you so like (your name)" and he's gone "nah man you trippin, she's (whatever)" in a moment of madness, no matter how he feels about you. Now, every time you walk by, in order to keep up the charade, he has to jibe at your expense. This should die down if you try talking to him as much as possible. If it doesn't, I'm sorry hun, but he's a little immature and probably isn't capable of a relationship. Hope I helped even a little x


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  • Why do you assume he was talking about you?