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Was seeing/dealing with this girl after me and my girlfriend broke up. Me and a bunch of friends from school went down to the cottages along the beach strip during may 24. during my time there I ran into my ex gf and some how ended up taking a picture with her tipsy and unwillingly. The last night me and that girl which I liked for a while took a pic also we were realy into eachother we ended up hooking up as this was taking place my EX came and started to disturb us so my girl got uncomfortable and went back to her cottage. I was realy upset and the next day said goodmorning and bye to that girl and went home. When I got back a few days later I went on Facebook someone posted the photo of me and my ex on my wall the girl. I was dealing with had the picture we took in an album. I deleted the picture with my ex but some how they keep on coming back. I guess this pissed of the girl I was dealing with and she stoped responding to me. After awhile I deleted Facebook because it was to much of a distraction. I lost contact with a lot of my friends on social media. During this span I lost my job over some f***** up SITUATION I started drinking a bit to much... Now 4 years later I'm still thinking about that girl it's ironic that me and her have similar names so everytime someone calls me I think of her. She's a smart girl in university a gogeta. I think she wants to get in contact with me but I don't have any social media and she doesn't ethier. What's should I do my brothers and sisters should I just forget about her... I will post more on this and keep yous updated... you only live ounce you goto make the best out of the worst and be strong to succed in this beautiful but cold world.

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  • I dont want to say anything to discourage you, but I want you to prepare.

    First, you said you got laid off and you have a drinking problem.

    Before you even go see her, fix yourself a little bit. Go find a job and sober yourself a bit. Dont see a girl at your worst, see them at your best. She can pity you, but that's all you get. You want her to be surprised and to show her you have become mature because of the past experience.


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  • It is 4 years ago. Don't expect that she will be single. But only one thing you want is to get to know her, how she is. You wanna say how you felt that night and all time. For this reason I recommend you to find her and release it. Then move on.

    • Ty Debra, I realy just Wana talk and see her I have been wanting to tell her how I felt that night and that I still think of her now and then I just don't no how to approach the situation and don't no if it's worth the bother but I guess after I'll be able to move on with a clear head

    • Open your mind as well. Try on Facebook. And message her.

  • Forget her.


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