What are the worst games played in dating and relationship?

Everyones thats been in a legit relationship... and in some cases relationshit... know that either one or both on partner plays some sort of childish game to either make the other jealous or be in "control" anything from not texting to not showing emotions to shamelessly flirting infront of them.

What are the worst games that have been played on you?


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  • "Relationshit" lollllll

    Let's see... the "I'm going to make them feel bad because I did something wrong" game is a horrible one.

    • Oh yeah that one... the misdirection of guilt yup yup that one is shady af lol

      Haha plenty of relationshits out there people just don't realize that :P

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    • Thank you for mh, handsome! :)

    • You are quite welcome, lovely :)

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  • Jealousy I suppose. Comparing me to an ex girlfriend constantly. A girl I didn't like anyway before I got with him, he knew this and he knew she didn't like me and he would play us off against each other. Stirring shit up all the time. Man he was a cunt. Ha!

  • leading a person on knowing that one doesn't have feelings for the other

    • Yup that's one that I've experienced, and it was because I had something they wanted, now Im more cautions who I let in my life because that is one of the worse feelings ever!
      Thanks for the comment :)

    • no problem :) we learnt from our lessons

    • Absolutely, That's what bumps on the road of life are for, to learn the lessons and not commit the same mistake twice.

  • Monopoly... I'm joking.
    My ex was trying to control who I talked too, he even tried controlling when I could talk to my family members so I broke it off.

    • Damn, that's being possessive, that's more of a character and insecurity issue than a game. Good for you for breaking it off, could of got ugly if he isolated you from your love ones. Thanks for your comments :)

  • Texting at the beginning. It's a game at first. Not wanting to seem desperate by replying too fast.

    • yup yup that seems to be a very common one these days. It's never worked on me personally since I can go weeks without texting... I rather a call? Thanks for the comment :)

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