Do guys like very girly girls or do they find them annoying?

I'm going out with this guys and i realized i'm super different than his gf. I'm complex, i love fashion and being as girly as i am, i wear make up everyday, i keep everything in my purse, i got a nosejob. And he makes fun of the way i talk, i'm pretty expressive. His ex, she's simple, she wears shirts with sleeves, with drawings like one with the face of one of the flinstones. She doesn't seem to care about fashion, make up and femininity. And he's just like her, wearing those shirts, etc
Why does he wanna be with someone like me? i can be annoying when it comes to fashion. I know i'm kinda.. I'm not his type at all.


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  • I love girly girls, I mean I'm masculine so I desire femininity. A girl wearing tshirts and jeans everyday would turn me off after a while.

    • yeah, you're the kind of guy i'd date but this guy doesn't date girls like me

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  • I find anyone who ascribes to the gender roles of the PATRIARCHY annoying. Resist, girlfriend! Resist!


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  • some guys like it some don't!.. just be yourself

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