My professor and I? I am a PhD researcher and he is young.. but... does it sound like he wants more?

So I have known my current supervisor for several years, he is 10 years older to me. I am 26 and I have people in my programme who are 37 so it doesn't feel unreasonable. Anyway, he is very good looking and more like a friend. When I graduated from my MSc, he was in town and said lets celebrate. He was with his friends and I thought I would go if my friends hadn't gotten too smashed to join me and I didn't go because I didn't want to go alone. He once asked whether I was going on holiday, with my boyfriend or husband. I avoided the question.

However, I saw him after 2 years and I notice our interaction has changed. He told me about his student days (as a DJ) and we talked like regular friends would. He did at times touch my arm and he always greets me with two cheek-to-check kisses. I had to send him some info and he replied, hardly discussing my material but to perhaps set up a Skype call and said it was good seeing me the other day.

Now I live in Europe , he is a globe trotter.. well travelled and extremely young to be a professor. So I wonder if this is normal or not?

Also, I don't think its bad to be with a professor once you are in your phd because you are on a more equal level. Of course, if he supervises my thesis... I know my limits but I doubt he will be supervising me anyway. Anyway, any input guys?

He also said I was looking good... then added that I look relaxed and not too stressed. This was when we just met the other day


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  • Wtf... didn't you mentioned that you have a boyfriend?

    • Lol.. I don't have a boyfriend. But does it sound innocent or more from his side?

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    • Haha

    • Thanks babe!

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