He doesn't know but I'm confused. Should I be worried?

I have been seeing this guy for 6 months. I already met some of his family way too early. We have had ups and downs but I believe we are at a stage where we know what we want. We really like eachother. We met online and I noticed that while dating me he was still going online chatting. Now I almost moved on after I told him that I don't share. I don't believe that he was seeing anyone while dating me bc he was always around. The site that I see him logging into... he doesn't know that I know about it. He thinks I was referring to the site we met on. Anyway recently he told me that he is not going anywhere bc I told him that I really like him and that I'm scared. He told me his fam asked about me and he took me out a week ago for lunch. We are closer than ever but I still see him go online and chat. I noticed that it's mostly during his down time at work. So I'm thinking maybe he's bored or its a habit? Maybe I'm looking too far into it? What do you think? Should I be worried?


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  • You both are in this relationship where it sounds like you are not Exclusive nor Official as of yet. It's only been '6 months' and hopefully still counting, sweetie. Right now, you are both nursing and nurturing this beautiful relationship like 'dating' deal you seem to be in. And with him still floating online on another site, he may be still just 'Curious' as to what is still out there, comparing them to you.
    He is not ready nor raring to be in a Real relationship right now. With him still looking and lurking somewhere else, doesn't mean he doesn't want you in his life, want you as a potential partner someday and with introducing you to family, it is a good sign in that aspect of any antics he has pulled.
    He is going slow with his flow, not rushing into anything, nor Committing to anything as well. Yes, he could be 'Bored or its a habit,' but nothing will ever be just Set or Secure until he has slapped some sort of title on you both that you can bet on and have him put the 'Others' in the back of his mind... even on the job.
    It's your call, your choice whether you want to hang in there and see where it goes. I am seeing something sensational here that could lead down a romantic road without it going down a beaten path. You are playing your cards right, have even stated that you will not 'share' so he knows how You feel and what you are all about, which is good... you let him know what you want.
    For now, go easy and see what happens next. And with no pressures, he will see even more what is in store with the amazing girl who supersedes the rest... you may have him jumping through hoops before you know it...
    Good luck. xx

    • Awe. .. I like your response. It was exactly what I thought but sometimes it's good to see what others think. It all make since. He just text me this morning. :-)

    • Ohhh, thank you, sweetie.. and with more positive responses, you Are doing all the right thing to make things happen... So glad he text, it's because at some point he Is jumping through a hoop or two for you.:)) xxoo

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