Controlling or did I upset him?

Seeing. Guy for a year it's nothing serious not boyfriend girlfriend etc it's just fun and friends , last night we met up and decided to Pop to the supermarket to buy booze and I said does he want to pop in or I? He said we are going together !! I didn't want this because I don't want anyone seeing is together and start asking questions I want to keep this private. I said I'll go and he said no '!! We are going together ! Then he said what if someone you knew saw us together who would you say I was? I answered a friend? Then he laughed and said a friend.. Sarcastically. It felt controlling of him is he? Or is he being sensitive?


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  • he sounds controlling

    • I thought I had upset him , Im not being mean I just don't want to have to explain to people who he is , I did go into the shop with him as he made me go and I felt bad not wanting to so did

    • you need to be happy

    • Yeah I'm going to end it

  • A mixture.

    • Yeah maybe I upset him

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