How do I show that I like him? I'm shy?

So, there is a guy in my class who is really cute and nice. The first time we ever talked was in the beginning of the semester when we were assigned to work together in class. That was when I started to like him, and he was always smiling and seemed very interested in what I had to say. After that he would always say Hi to me when we met in the hallway, sometimes even several times a day.

I am pretty sure he likes me because he has shown signs of it. I can't name all but I'll mention a few.

Sometimes he would find excuses to talk to me, but since I'm so shy and awkward, our conversations wouldn't last for long. I really like him, and I wish I could talk to him more and initiate more contact, I have tried a few times, but most of the time it's him who does it.

During lunch sometimes when I sit alone, he and his friend comes and sit with me. But it usually ends up like so that I sit quiet while they talk to each other because I'm so shy and my brain freezes and I have honestly no idea what to say. So instead I try to make eye contact with the guy so I can smile at him, but he never looks at me. Even despite the fact that he is sitting right in front of me, he will never ever look at me. Not during lunch or at any other time. So this has lead to me starting to question if he likes me afterall. I feel like he sometimes is completely oblivious to the fact that I'm there, and at other times he seems really eager to get my attention.

A lot of the times when he's around, I ignore him. I don't want to ignore him, but somehow my body does it anyways. And now I'm afraid that he thinks that I don't like him and is starting to give up on me. I really don't want that because I really do like him, so right now I feel like I need to start to initiate more contact with him. The problem is that I have no idea how. What should I say to him? Should I flirt? How? He hugged me once, should I hug him? I have no experience with boys whatsoever.


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  • He acts oblivious to the fact that you are there because he doesn't know you.
    Besides, smiling and making eye contact you have to come out of your shell and say hi.
    Try to make small talk with him. As you get better acquainted it all will come natural.
    You won't have to think about what to say , everything will flow.

    Ask if you can have his number.
    when you do say things like,
    "Thinking about you..."
    "Have sweet dreams"
    "Things would be better if you were here."
    To hint that you like him, you could say things like that.
    Every few days text him to see how his day is going.
    make sure you aren't always the one texting him first... you want to see if he has a mutual interest.


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  • Just tell him you're interested. Don't buy into the garbage that men don't like women who are too "forward". We appreciate that very much.


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  • Try talking to him about his interests maybe some of them are same with yours