What happened? What's going on with him?

I don't really know where to begin. Frankly, because of all this and the additional pressure from college apps and school, I've been feeling quite depressed this past week or so. So I met this guy online. Ya ya whatever please get over that... anyway so when we met, him and I kinda just hit it off. We just got along so well. At first I didn't really think we'd have all that much in common but turns out we have quite a bit, not to mention we have a very similar sense of humor. Anyway when we talk, I'm like the happiest person on the planet. I remember once my face hurt because I realized I had been smiling so hard for 4 hours... Everything is always great when we talk. He's infinitely interesting and we can talk for hours. He's seriously one of the coolest guys I've ever met. I've never felt an awkward moment with him and we seem equally into each other. He's always complimenting me, supper excited to talk, telling me how there's never a dull moment with me.. But then he disappears. I haven't heard from him for about a week. Nothing. Hasn't responded to any texts. He's generally a really busy guy but a week? I'm starting to get worried. He's disappeared before too but that was for four days and he explained it to me. Seemed very valid. Too specific to be made up so I believed it. Now I don't know... things are starting to get a little fishy... but I don't understand why... everything was so great :( Could he be a druggie? oh God i hope not... I mean what could be going on? Any ideas? I'm getting really worried.

You guys... How do I not go crazy about this in the mean time? The state of not knowing is maddening... :( I'm not usually like this but I feel like I'm starting to get desperate... I feel awful and I know its not logical but that doesn't change how I feel... I wish it did but it doesn't :(
He used me to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend of 2.5 years that he has a kid with.


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  • I really hope he gets back to you soon. It's crazy how you can get so emotionally attached to someone online. Does he live far away?

    • I hope so too... ya I don't know it happens. I've dated someone I've met online before. Ya I mean he lives far away but not incredibly far away. Much closer than my ex. I'm in California he's in Texas...

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    • The people who have the capacity to do these things are not people I want in my life. And thanks :)

    • Yeah, your welcome:-)
      I wish you the very best and move forward.
      Learn n keep positive.

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  • Have you met in person? How long have you been talking online?

    If you haven't met, it's possible that he met someone else. Maybe he has something going on that he hasn't told you about (that's innocent... or not).

    My best advice would be to limit your thinking about him/talking to him until you have your own emotions in control. Don't let your interest become obsession until you are sure there is a future.

    • I understand where you're coming from. No we haven't. We were planning to soon though. I mean its a possibility that he met someone else... he told me he's really into me but you never know I guess... I'm not exactly sure how to limit my thinking about him because no matter how busy I am, I still have him in the back of my mind... I also have an element of concern :\ Ya I know. I'm trying to not let my emotions get ahead of me but I'm 18. It happens.

    • oh and we've been talking for not very long about 2 months. Just been talking a lot.

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  • You said that you guys met online, it could be that he's having issues with technology at the moment.

    If not then he could:
    1. Have a fear of the responsibility of committing.
    2. Be afraid that he might actually likes you more than he thought he would
    3. Have another life behind the computer screen

    If I were you, I'd stop trying to reach him and continue on with you life. I understand that you like him but you can't sit around and put your life on pause for him to reply back. Make your schedule busy, try to be active so that you won't be tempted to contact him. When he does contact you again, try to slowly tap into his personal life to make sure you don't get yourself hurt. If he let's you in, it should be smooth sailing. If not, be on guard.

    Good luck!

    • I really appreciate your comment :) I don't think its the first two because he's always the one who brings up moving things forward. He brought up coming to visit me and he brought up the idea of trying out long distance even though he hasn't done it before. We're very open with each other. Its not like we're hiding the fact we have feelings for each other. Its quite evident we both like each other lots. 3 is always a possibility. Although he's been quite open with me and told me some things about his past that are not the best. I mean who knows? There could always be more to it. I'm not constantly trying to reach him. I've sent him like 5 messages over the span of this week. Not too bad I don't think. I'm just stressed out with life. I haven't stopped doing stuff. I'd be screwed if I did! I've just slowed down. My schedule is already plenty busy but my mind drifts to him... I've already been tapping into his personal life and there's been good and bad but everyone has their flaws.

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    • If your feeling sad do something you love, something that makes you smile. As long as your mind doesn't wonder to him too much. If you have to, avoid doing something that the both of you have done together. I hope I've been a bit of help. :)

    • ya I'm trying... I just have so much homework! I'm feeling so overwhelmed... :(

  • That's why you don't get so attached to people you meet online.

    • Well. Now that this has already happened. There's not really much I can do about it. Any incite on what could have happened? I mean we are planning on meeting and bringing things into perspective but at the current moment I don't know what's going on.

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