What does it mean when a girl begins talking about past relationships?

Is she telling me because she is interested in something with me, or telling me because she doesn't have anyone else to talk to?

We've been on 3 "dates" now, and she even gave a shy smile when i said she was the first girl i kissed. Before i told her she was my first, she was talking about past relationships and that she's never had a "real" boyfriend before but had various flings here and there.


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  • Third dates tend to be deeper than others. This is where you start to feel comfortable enough to open up a bit. I am thinking this is a very good thing for you guys.

    • I didn't tell her about my past "flings"... was that a bad move on my part? Most of my past has been resolved, and the lessons learned, but should i still go into it with her?

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    • Whoops. I meant :). Lol

    • Thanks for the advice :) really appreciate it... After thinking about it now, i think i'm going to bite the bullet and talk to her about it when i next see her. She was telling me today that none of her past "flings" or guy friends communicate well, and i don't want to be added to that list. Communication is key, right? and if i don't start now, when will i? haha

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  • It just sounds like she's comfortable around you now and is opening up a bit more.

    • Not in a "friendzone" way, i hope? right?

  • She is telling you wants a real boyfriend and a real reLatinos hip. Someone she can trust and rely on and love and that can do just that for her as well.

    • And if she "chooses" me, i've sworn to myself that I will do everything i can to live up to that expectation for as long as time permits...

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