Girls what's a perfect or Ideal first date?

I'm from the backwoods and I used to have a 4x4 and where i am from a date would be driving under the stars, talking maybe going fishing, going a few places for fun , and causing a little trouble along the way. But since I moved to the city things are different, from the way people dress to what they eat and do. I no longer have a 4x4 at this time, but girls what would be a perfect or ideal first date? What would you enjoy doing in a city?


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  • Going to a popular spot
    A fair or carnival
    Bowling, ice skating, roller skating
    Or plays, shows, etc.
    Something you both would enjoy


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  • depends on the girl you're asking. What are her favorite kind of activities and work from there on. Some girls like classy things while as other girls like to go out and enjoy nature. really it depends on the girl.


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  • A bed of seafoam. Duh.

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