Heart just wants what the heart wants?

Hello girls, i was hoping you could help me out. I like this girl. Around a year back i got her number from my office and pinged her. I did not tell her who i was so obviously she was very hostile initially but i kept at it n eventually she started talking. She said we could be friends if it was only friendship i was looking for and nothin else. But i always knew i liked her more than that. But i agreed, if something had to happen it would happen. After that i met her, that was the first time she saw me. I got her some chocolates. Initially she would not ride with me on my bike. But eventually she did. We hung out else i would make a point to visit her just to check on her. We would sit by the pool or in the garden and talk. Gradually she became more comfortable with me. She said she once dated a guy and he said something really bad to her after which she broke up with him. She hasn't moved on since. She said she decided she was never going to date any one. Thats why she would not go to the movies with me because she considered it dating. We went out for dinner and outing though. We had some wonderful time together there was some chemistry. She would always smile and be shy. i had to move to a different country on a work assignment. So i asked her if she wanted to date because i really liked her and wanted to have her in my life. She said the same thing she does not date. I was broken but again i cared for her so i said i will wait. Its been a year since we chat mostly and talk over the phone. Its always great talking to her, its fresh n different. I know she cares for our frindship a lot. She also knows how i feel about her, hell i sent her a 5foot teddy so that she won't get scared at night aftet watching a horror movie. So she knows right. We are closer now. But yet she won't open up completely. She still doesn't want to date any one. She doeznt have any other guy friend asMy question is what is actually stopping her from dating. And should i hang or move on.

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  • Move on, you're only wasting your time


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