We never seem to talk properly together? Why?

Lately I haven't been properly talking with my boyfriend. It's all just jokes and laughs and never real genuine nice conversations. Banters are great and all but it's getting kind of too much.

I had to talk to a guy friend to realise this. We chatted normally and talked about everyday things and it was nice. Like a breath of fresh air, compared to my relationship.

Me and my boyfriend haven't been meeting up much and we rarely talk these days. It's not making me mad or angry. I just miss him. In a way. He's there. But not really?

I just want to cut down with the joking and have real conversations that interest me so that I can get to know him better. Is that too much to ask? What am I supposed to do? :/


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  • how long have you been with him?

    • a month >.>

    • he might be losing interest in you, especially if you don't see him as often as you used to. meet up. ore and spend time together :)

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