I'm feeling used what do you think?

After are night together last night I'm left feeling used ! , we had sex but he was to rough with me I thought he was going to break my neck , sex hurt to , I like him
We have slept together few times but he was rough last night , I even paid for the room and brought him a drink because im kind like that , I went home this morning and cried , I feel like a piece of meat , I ended it with out a reason he was fine , I feel so down , hurt , lost , used by someone I cared about , known him a year , what should I do? Should I tell
Him how I feel?

I'm left feeling like a no body , my back is painful


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  • yes you shoudl tell him

    • What should I say?

    • tell him how you felt and that next time he plans to be rough he should ask you

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  • Unfortunately you are being used. You like the wrong person. If sex is only pleasing to one side that's not much different than rape, isn't it?

  • Honestly it depends. I on the whole relationship. Maybe he feels used by you. Did you make any noises while when you had sex before maybe he felt he wasn't pleasing you right. If there was more I could say if you was used it not honestly if you bought the room brought home some drinks. You wanted to use him more.

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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  • It depends on y'alls relationship, were y'all friends with benefits, bf/gf, or just a fling with no feelings/strings attached?

    • friends with benefits but close

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    • I will , he brought some sweets and donuts he ate all the donuts never offered any to me ( even tho I don't like them lol ) just shows he's greedy. I'm a loving warm person I just felt like a piece of meant , he's wasn't like this before tho. We went to the shop
      And I said I'd stay in the car while he popped in and he said no your coming with me !! And asked what if someone saw you with me who would you say I was? I said a friend and he laughed abd said sarcastically " a friend " just felt different last night he was rougher , and his persona felt controlling :/

    • Maybe he just got carried away in bed (hopefully) while trying to play rough? Communication in bed is very important to have as well as safe words. I don't use safe words but whenever I start to feel discomfort in bed believe me, I have no problem letting my fiance know. Unfortunately, not all guys can pick up on context clues so you may have to learn to start voicing your opinions more to keep from getting hurt in and out of the bed. Or either end it.

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