Asked a girl out, she didn't respond, but?

... The date is on.

Long story short, I asked her out last weekend for the black Friday . She was busy, so i changed the day tomorrow (sunday), but she didn't respond to the text so i thought there wasn't gonna be a date.

I saw her today, and found out the date is on... Why didn't she respond initially, yet still make plans to see me?


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  • She said she was busy right? Black Friday was a long day for people to work at retails or for people that loves shopping. If I received a text, I might look at it and forget to respond. Or I might be sleeping right after the black Friday rush.

    • Yea she did, but because she was seeing a friend that was leaving the country. So i gave a different day instead, but she didn't respond, so i thought there was no date. Until i saw her yesterday that is. I asked her what she was doing this weekend and she said Sunday she was seeing me (which was the day i changed the date to). It confused me, because she didn't respond to the message, so i thought she wasn't interested. Yet, she still took note that we were going on a date Sunday, and made plans accordingly. I just don't know why she didn't reply (i didn't ask her out on Friday , i asked her out FOR Friday , last weekend, but she was busy, so changed it to Sunday instead).

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    • how was the date? it's highly likely she forgot to respond to you.

    • Well it was really good :) things are moving in the right direction, methinks... she enjoyed her time, and liked the flowers I gave her, and let me kiss her, when the last time i tried she refused. sooo... ya :)

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