Ladies, do you give guys second chances?

Hey ladies, if there was a man you were once interested in as a date, then friended him because he turned you off, he was too late to make his move, you lost interest, etc. would he be able to regain your interest? If so, how? I'm talking about from being a friend to your man. Is it a slower process? What would make you show your interest you had once before?


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  • I like becoming friends first, then you really know that person and whether or not you could be more. But yes I have lost interest and then developed feelings again.

    • How did/could that happen? just curious

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    • Well that's where I'm stuck, because making a move isn't hard usually for me, but when your friends first and the person is already so important, there's more to loose. And if you want to win her heart then i would make it clear that she already has yours. Flowers and gestures like that are sweet, but what made me fall for this guy is, on top of having so much in common, how much he cares and listens intently and is always there for me, but he's also not scared to let me be there for him. I know it sounds corny but really you just have to be yourself, but make it clear how you feel. The thing that makes me loose interest is thy waiting game. An if I had no previous interest, the guy putting it out there makes me think about it, so all that's left is how compatible you really are.

    • That makes a lot of sense. I usually think that once I'm stuck friends with someone I really like, I will stay like that. I wouldn't think that I'll have a chance, even if I keep showing my honest feelings. But who knows exactly how uh other person feels. That's when it's hard to decide to make the move or to wait.

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  • One thing about girl is we all have been teaching to worry about guy movement. Your move is very important. You are late. Once you contact her late. First thing we will think about is He just wanna play, keep me as an option. However, it doesn't mean you can't make it. You just need to prove her wrong about it.


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