Says he's into me, but?

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago, and we saw each other a couple of times before he went on vacation to where he grew up for Thanksgiving.
He had been at least texting me everyday, and then yesterday I didn't hear from him at all, nor have I yet today. To say I'm confused is an understatement.
The second time we saw each other, he told me some really personal things, and also said that he wanted to see where things go between us--but wanted to make sure we don't rush things; he also said some things that kind of sounded like even though he wanted to date me, he didn't want to make me a priority.
I've had 4 empathic friends all tell me that we are supposed to be together, so... how should I interpret this behavior? To go from talking to me everyday, to suddenly complete silence... I'm not going to lie, it kind of bugs me. Especially because the last thing I sent him was a video of the Christmas lights being turned on in the downtown area of where I live, and he told me he wants to go see them--so I thought I'd send him a little sneak peek video of some of the lights... and I haven't gotten any response.
I really need help interpreting 'guy' in this situation!!


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  • why not text him yourself to see if he is doing okay and what is keeping him texting you?


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  • Turning into you? Being a twin wouldn't be too bad lol.. seriously he just wants freedom and to have his own space. He's trying to say he feels suffocated.


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