Awful dating phases?

Ok so every since high school I've been going through these weird dating phases. It first started out with skater boys then the hippies then the EMOS (thank god I'm over that one) then the alpha male types. And I think I'm currently in one but I'm confused on if this is the type that I'm really into or is it just another phase. I like artistic guys soon much. but I don't want to date one then suddenly stop having interest in them. What to do? Is this another phase? Is this normal? And what phases did you have?


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  • I think that's probably normal. And it's beneficial to you!! By dating different types of guys, you become able to weed out the types that you know from experience you don't like. It's good to test out different waters here and there. I wouldn't say that you've gone through awful phases, because you're just figuring out for yourself what works and what doesn't.

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