Why can't I seem to get over this guy?

There's this guy that I never dated, we spoke for months. However I found out that he got a girlfriend and apparently he found out I had been speaking to a guy and he got really jealous, which obviously confused me. But why can't I get over this guy?


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  • You can't get over him because you're still thinking about him. Disconnect yourself from everything that makes you think about him. Work on your own life and your own hobbies and he will fade away.


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  • He must have tricked you into his trap. He didn't know you know he has a gf. He thought you were all his and found out you weren't putting all your eggs in one basket. There's nothing wrong with that. He's obviously trying to guilty trip you into coming around. It's like you prank some one and they tell you to stop talking to them. It's just to make you feel bad. He will be fine with his girlfriend. Don't loose sight of your new guy. Your crush might leave his gf for you mabey.

    • Thanks for your advice. The thing is also whenever we would talk, he would upload photos of him and this girl and that's practically how I found out-they're in a long distance relationship.

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    • So you think he has feelings for me? Thank you for your help again!

    • He got mad meaning he thought you were only his. If he doesn't like you then getting mad would have been point less on his part.