What signs does a guy give a girl to let her know he likes her moree than a friend?

he's sort of shy somtimes , but how do i know if he has me in he friend zone or not, he looks at me with these eyes that ahh :) so noce but i dont want to assume anything


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  • Generally speaking, guys don't friend zone girls unless there is no physical attraction.

    Ways to figure out (if he doesn't just come out and say it) are lingering looks. If he looks at you just a little too long. Also try to catch him looking at you when you aren't interacting directly. If he's watching you out of the corner of his eye, he wants to know what you are doing/where you are which indicates his attraction. He may also try and find ways to touch you, be it with his elbow/knee when you are sitting close to each other, or casual touches. However, this last one might not occur if he is super shy.

    • yeah he has done all that you said lol

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  • its called flirting. maybe he does but you need to amp up your game and take some incentive