Did he not want me to go there cuz maybe I wpuld of found out something?

My bf has been working in a small town near where we live. We usually go to the bar in the town we live in. Tonight we went through the town where he has been working. I asked if he wanted to stop for a beer. Which we had went out to eat with my family before then n had a couple drinks. He said no cuz he didn't want to go to the bar because he wasn't in the drinking mood. But yet when my sister and her bf stopped he had one beer at our house. I'm curious on why he couldn't stop there? I asked when the last time he been to the bar there and he said since the last time we all went on his cousins party bus. He has ate lunch and one of the bar and grills when he was working but said he never worked there. We argue about when we go to the bar without eachother mainly due to me having trust issues but he doesn't really help matters because he can be a flirt and gets turned on by other girls. Which I notice but he Denies it. Does he maybe not want me to go cuz he is a flirt and doesn't want me to find out or just maybe he didn't want to go there at all?

Anyone have any other opinions


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  • It's really hard to say. But look, you can't get mad because a man finds other women attractive. He will not have any control over that. In fact that is not what makes as faithful man admirable. I mean, if you didn't have to work to stay faithful, why are we complementing him? What's admirable about a faithful man, is that he notices other women, wants them, and denies himself.

    • What do you mean denies himself

    • I mean he will resist the urge to act on his impulse to have sex with the other woman and cheat on his steady woman.

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