Asks me to stay up with him, is he interested?

Okay, age old question. I met a guy on a dating site (not in person) and we've been messaging every now and then on the site for maybe about a month. Then one day we decided to become Facebook friends and he started messaging me a bit more frequently. Last night he asked me to stay up with him through message (since he has trouble sleeping & i think he also has depression) and i did even though I made it obvious how sleepy I was. He went on to show me a video of what he was doing so I just showed him two selfies of what I was doing. Where he responded by saying I was cute, then we went on to say normal things but then periodically said things about how we would like to hug each other (since we're both antisocial but like affection), and he randomly called me awesome, but then he decided to go to sleep. And today he hasn't messaged me at all. I'm worried if he's just playing around with me and not actually interested. Thoughts?

Well I messaged him about 13 hours ago and nothing. Thanks guys...


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  • I can tell that he is troubled with something and hardly can tell anyone. It seems like a sign that he trusts you, wants to spend time with you just to feel safe and not alone.

    Man usually cannot speak out of his mind so yeah, maybe the next morning he feels a bit embarassed for showing his emotional/needy side so he keep his silence.

    Little problem could be about the thing he is thinking inside/hiding. He must be feeling some sort of obstacles between you too and try to solve it alone. Support him and make him tell you out, it will be a great progress.

    • He didn't reply till a whole 24 hours later and only responded with hey. But thank you for your insight.

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  • I think he likes you, I have insomnia and usually I get so bitchy I don't want to talk to anyone, he might be into you, you should try and message him first and see what happens!

    • Maybe I should...

      And yea he for sure has insomnia and maybe depression.

  • thats the best feeling when a girl messages you first especially if he's depressed. yea he likes you


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