Am I too demanding for guys?

I'm not deprived of the attention of boys. But I'm still single. All my friends have boyfriends and look really happy. Sometimes I think that something wrong with me. I communicate with boys a lot. But I can't find a guy who is really my half. I want to have serious and supporting guy near with me. But in our company I'm only one girl who is singl. Maybe I'm too demanding for guys? Should I worry about it?


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  • Well I certainly cannot make an accurate judgement based solely off this description, but I'd guess you're NOT too demanding since you actually think you may be.

    If you're questioning yourself about it, you have enough self awareness to notice things about yourself. Having high self awareness is usually a good thing because you judge your actions in an objective manner. And this usually makes you more appealing to others because you're aware of how your actions are interpreted by others.


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  • Maybe you should either let guys know you like them, or at least hint it. Just be more open... if you want something to happen, maybe you have to take the other role and ask out a guy.

  • Lke funkipink said we can't really tell if your not willing to date guys who are not your other half. Maybe your friends are dating guys who are uglier, less social, poorer etc. in comparison to them. Or maybe you just havnt found the right person, just keep searching.


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