Girls what are some random dating tips you would give guys?

I thought this question might get me answers to things I wouldn't even ask so if there's ANYTHING you'd want guys to know about dating, anything you can't believe guys do/don't do or anything you think would work, tell me.

Your move. XD

I asked this because I thought that there might be things that would work that I wouldn't even think about while women would. So if there's any tips you can give, that'd be great.
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  • Groom yo' self boi!

    • I'd ask why are you anon but I can hardly complain. XD

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  • even if you're intimidated by a girl or think she's better than you, but you REALLY like her, then ask her out. A lot of guys don't do this and it's so annoying

    • I think a lot of guys don't do this because they're afraid of rejection and don't want to ask when the risk of rejection is almost certain.

      Why is it annoying for girls?

    • its annoying because then the girl wonders whats wrong with them and stuff and i can't explain it but it just is

    • In our defence, girls can be intimidating when you're attracted to them and when you believe she'll say no, why go through the stress of asking out and the embarrassment of rejection for nothing?

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