Why is my ex gf acting weird when I told her I bought her something small for black Friday?

She broke it off about 3 months ago while we were together for 4 years. She broke no contact and told me how much she missed me & still loved me & can't get over me.

I caved in also and said the same thing. We're taking things slow right now so I'm basically dating her again & this has been going on for 3 weeks.

I told her I bought her a small gift & her response was "omg what?" & "why..."

I feel like she didn't appteciate it & before when I would surprise her small stuff she would say I'm the sweetest & best bf ever & she's so lucky to have me. Why is she acting like this?

I bought her a pedicure set since she loves doing her nails. I feel unappreciated


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  • Take it back to the store. That's what my daddy used to do when I was ungrateful lol


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  • Don't worry about it... at least your back with her


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  • Because she is not mature enough to handle a real relationship.

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