How do you know when a guy isn't into you?

I know this should be obvious, but what like he compliments you and tells you that you look cute today, invites you over, kiss you, and etc. Then at times he acts distant... He doesn't seem to like eye contact, doesn't really text you, sometimes says things yo sound uninterested... just any general sign a guy will give to show he isn't interested


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  • Its not a matter of whether he is interested or not, but is he interested in you more than anything else. He wants to kiss you, and compliments, he obviously wants something from you, maybe he is a guy that isn't sure what he wants, or he has mood swings, I dont know. Signs a guy is not interested are also signs he is nervous, but no eye contact, no smiling, not asking questions/being a good listener/etc. But making effort to see you is a sign of interest for sure.

    • He sends lots of mixed signals... I just don't get why go through all the trouble he did to get my number, hang out with me a few times, and then go ghost.. Unless something is going on in his life I'm unaware about. I just don't know if I should try talking to him or pretend it never happened when I see him class
      I'm trying to make myself look desperate for a guys attention.

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    • I tried talking to em... Like I tried. texting him I think Friday and he never answered... I've made it pretty obvious I was interested. Its probably B then xD oh well I guess I'm not going to chase someone

    • Yea, I am sorry, I definitely would never not answer a girl if I had a choice and I liked her

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  • I have the slightest idea

    • Care to elaborate?

    • I don't know really, maybe if he doesn't text you at all or finds you annoying or boring.. you always initiating... like I said I don't know for sure, these are just guesses

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